SUNIX Device Cloud & EAZInet™ Solution

Retrieving data in cloud from connected devices,

fast implementation of a cloud-based value-added service


(Ethernet with automatic, zippy and inter-connective features in Control Network)

EAZInet, and its bottom layer transmission architecture is a highly efficient and flexible I/O expansion technology which is based on Ethernet. It provides a new way for I/O expansion; enabling communication between devices and the cloud platform with quick installation and implementation without the complexity of IP settings and management over standard Ethernet networks. SUNIX Device Cloud enables platform developers to visually explore analytical data that obtain through EAZInet technology. They can get instant status of the connected devices, remote control, quick data analysis and improve application development progress.

Data Acquisition Architecture

SUNIX EAZInet technology solution does not require layer by layer translation of communication protocols.

IT personnel can quickly obtain objectized information from the underlying equipment for data analysis and application development.

Traditional Solution

Complicated & Costly -> Time Consuming


Simple, Flexible, Budget Optimization -> Fast Implementation

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EAZInet Solution